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Fibreglass Screen Blinds
Fibreglass Screen Blinds
Fibreglass Screen Blinds
Fibreglass Screen Blinds
Polyester Screen Blinds
Polyester Screen Blinds
Screen Blinds – 2001
Screen Blinds – 2001
“I am writing to thank you for the professional and efficient way that your company dealt with the installation of blinds at our new office premises in Watford. The fiberglass blinds that you recommended are of high quality, practical and stylish. We are delighted with the end result and I would not hesitate in recommending your services to others”
Managing Director

Blindstyle - Awnings, Conservatory Blinds, Vertical Blinds and Wood Venetian Blinds

Office Blinds

For the small to medium size office complex we offer a comprehensive range and choice of blind systems, which all comply with relevant European legislation with regard to the workplace.

Health and Safety:

Directive 89/391/EEC – Annex – (Articles 4 and 5) on the minimum safety and health requirements for work with display screen equipment.

[c] Reflection and Glare:

Work stations shall be so designed that sources of light, such as windows and other openings, transparent or translucent walls, and brightly coloured fixtures or walls cause no direct glare and no distracting reflections on the screen.

Shading Technology:

The selection of a window blind might seem just a matter of style and colour scheme. In fact, as a
result of scientific and technological advances, the levels of control of heat and light that can now be
achieved make the window blind as important as: choice of glazing, specification of internal
illumination and the required capacity of air conditioning equipment. Shading is becoming enshrined not only in health and safety legislation but also the Building regulations 2000, legislative requirements in respect of conversation of fuel  &. Power, etc.

Screen Blinds:

Fibreglass v. Polyester

Virtually everything is in the favour of Glass Fibre except that it is in itself an expensive commodity.
But, given the longevity of the fabric (15/20 yrs. + ?)

Some commonly held misconceptions about screen blinds:

You see through a dark screen fabric so much better than you do through a light coloured fabric as each of the hole edges in the fabric is absorbing visible light therefore affording an unobstructed view out. With a lighter coloured fabric each of those same edges is reflecting visible light/glare, ‘fuzzing-up’ the
picture. The uninitiated who look at the two colours of an identical fabric side by side in the window
will insist that the darker blind is letting in more light. This is down to ‘White’s (or counter-intuitive)
illusion’; because the eyes see bigger holes the brain says ‘it must let more light through’, it’s not
seeing bigger holes, it is seeing the dimensions of the holes more clearly. Black/Charcoal Grey is a
good spec. for light and vision control; you will see the orb of the sun through it at times on screens
but only for a few minutes a day at certain times of the year (and then only when the sun is shining
which it certainly hasn’t been doing too often in recent years).

Another big plus is how screen blinds appear in the window when viewed externally – they don’t!

Vertical Blinds:

Still a fairly common choice for many office complexes, particularly in leasehold or rented
accommodation where they are seen as an inexpensive choice of shading system. Read more…

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Particularly well suited for the open plan office where large areas of glazing can be covered by hanging
blinds side by side enabling a greater degree of control over the amount of light entering the work area.
Read more….

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